100km Association


100km Association

Focused on ultra running events, we provide up to date information on upcoming races, results, and other ultra running news and ... despite our name, you do not have to complete a 100km race... that will come in time!

Founded in 1980, the Association counts amongst it's members many leading UK ultra distance runners - past and present.

Read about how it all started...

Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome - it's just a matter of wanting to achieve (what some people may think the impossible!)

This is the website for the 100km Association and all ultra runners ... so if you are a member send in your race results and reports, or, if you would like to know more or join the 100km Association, then ...

Please contact us .. you can also join as 2nd claim if you are already a member of another club  - we would still like you to join us.

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